Hi everyone, this is me, PRANTIK DUTTA. Today I’m writing my first blog. This blog is not any informative blog or something like that, it’s just my viewpoint on life, so if you don’t want to read it it’s all fine, see you in my next post.

Here in this website me along with my team will be sharing all the tips and tricks and ways to live a better life. In this fast changing world we usually tend to forget the most important thing and that is us. Yes you read that correct, ‘US‘. We run behind all the other aspect of life, in chase for acquiring positions, materialistic things, social life, acknowledgement and what not. It’s not that this things are bad it’s just that we must need to find a balance between both the outer world and the inner world.

So, what do I mean by outer world and inner world, by OUTER WORLD I mean EVERYTHING ABOUT LIFE WHICH WE NEED TO ACQUIRE – eg : Name, fame, money. family, acknowledgements, etc.

By INNER WORLD I mean THE WORLD WHICH IS WITHIN US, WHICH IS US – eg: Happiness, Peace, Love, Bliss, etc.

So as THANOS SAID ‘perfectly balanced as everything should be’ ( yes I am big MARVEL fan, haha…) we must keep our life in balance by taking care of both the inner and outer world. It’s not enough to just take care of one and leave the other on it’s own. Let me explain it a little bit more. Let’s say you are a career enthusiast and you did everything possible to make your career shine, bright like a sun, and you achieved it. Now you have your dream job, making enough money to buy your dream house, car and everything you ever dreamed of. It’s going great, right ?

But while chasing down your career you completely ignored the one most important aspect of your life that is your inner self, now even after you have achieved everything you ever dreamed of there remains a hole within you which says something is missing, would not that be a tragedy. You have everything yet you have nothing. Have not you seen people who are highly successful yet are in depression, why is that. Because technically they have everything, they should have been the happiest because they have a choice for everything then why are they not happy ( exceptions are always there).

Simply because of one thing, ignoring on side of life completely.

Now you will also find people who will be focusing only on the inner world and not the outer world, they too will suffer. You might have seen a lot of people around you who are way too positive and are always taking about the inner world and says money is not everything. Money is one of the most important tool to survive in this world. It is as important as diesel and petrol is to car. Not more, not less. People always tend to live in either and or. Either this is good or that is good. NO. That’s not how life works. Nothing is good or bad it’s just people’s perception.

No matter whoever says what, you must know what’s best for you. You should not be doing or you should not stop doing something just because someone said something. You must be able to find out whether that thing ( could be anything ) will be worth it from 10 years down the line 20 or even 30 years down the line. If your answer is yes, then just do it. You do not need to ask 100 different people about it. Asking 3-4 people who is experienced in that particular field is enough. If you go ahead and ask hundred’s of different people it would just create a chaos out of it. Because everyone hold different opinion on the same matter.


Your life is completely different from the other person. So, never make choices for your life by looking at others. Your life is unique, you are unique. Respect that. Embrace that. Belief and be great at what ever you choose to become in your life.

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